It has been a while since I have posted about my life in NYC.  I am happy here. That is the most important thing. Yes, sometimes I get lonely and homesick but I am happy. I am still living in various Airbnb locations. So far I have lived in Manhattan (Harlem), Staten Island, and Queens. I have continued dog/house sitting here through Rover. I am slowly making friends and finding my “people” this is not happening as fast as I wish it did but I know…Continue Reading “My Life in NYC… Four Months Later”

Why is it hard to believe in yourself, and yet so easy to believe in others? This is the question of the hour. This week I have really struggled through my workouts, but have been getting them done. My coach has had me on the devil incarnate machine known as the elliptical and the rower. I have done the workouts but man I have struggled. I spent every second of every minute telling myself I could not do this. I could not get out of my…Continue Reading “Believing in MYSELF”

The story of my life. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has known me for any time, that I can get hurt faster than Egypt can get a plague in the Old Testament. I have a chronic back injury (a herniated disc in my back) that likes to get pissed off and take me out for a bit of time. My back has been doing great the past 3 months. I have been icing and stretching like I should, my runs were…Continue Reading “Injured…. Again”

This sentence is so much easier to say than it is to believe. I think this statement rings even more true for people who may not have been athletic in their child/teen or college years. I have been running and working out for a number of years but it was not until a few years ago that I started to recognized that I am an athlete, it was even longer before I could get myself to say it out loud. I could say it about…Continue Reading “I am an ATHLETE”

I have recently re-evaluated my goals for myself. I still want to do more races and even do another half marathon, however I want to start small. It has been a long time since I have run a mile non-stop with no walk breaks. This used to be something I was able to do (not easily but I could do it). I spoke (via text) with my coach and he agrees with my new goals. I want to run a mile with no walk breaks…Continue Reading “Running a Mile”

I know I have mentioned here before how hard running has been for me in the past few months. It has been hard and honestly anytime I have run, I have been miserable. It has not been fun at all. I would finish a run and all I could think about is how awful it was, and how slow I was. I have really been beating myself down for not being as strong or as fast as I was several years ago. I have not…Continue Reading “Re-Discovering the Joy of Running”

I have missed Crossfit and the way I feel after a Crossfit class. I did all sorts of research looking for a Crossfit gym that fit within my monthly budget, appeared to be all levels and welcoming to new members/ people. I chose a gym, registered and paid for a class. I was so excited to lift things again. I arrived to class about 15 minutes early. I was already terrified because I hate trying new gym classes, it is intimidating. Today I was placed…Continue Reading “Gym Bullies are Real”

I would be lying if I said the last three weeks have been easy. I am new in a city where I don’t really have any friends yet. The lack of social life has been hard. I expected this to be hard. I did not expect to make friends overnight, this will come in time. The thing I did not expect to be hard was to figure out a workout routine. I expected to be able to just jump right in and find that perfect…Continue Reading “Finding My Confidence”

So here I am, Two Weeks into living in New York City. It has been amazing! Like really amazing. I have done a bunch of exploring. I have found and started a full-time job that will probably be one of the hardest and most challenging jobs I have ever had. I will succeed in the position and I will be able to speak Spanish fluently soon(ish). It has not been 100% easy, I have had a few moments where I wish I had been home…Continue Reading “Two Weeks In”

We all have dreams in life. We have big ones, we have little ones and we have some that seem impossible. Today I have started a new adventure in making my big an impossible dream come true. I got on a plane this morning in Jacksonville, Fl and I landed in NYC. I do not have a ticket to go back. My stuff is here and I am ready to tackle the Big Apple. I have always wanted to live here. So here goes. I…Continue Reading “Today I did a thing…..”