Not a Natural Athlete

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“Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship” – Denzel Washington


Running and working out is not something that comes easily to me. I am not a natural athlete. I really struggle with getting out of bed to go and do something that is so hard. I am (almost) always happy when the workout is done and I am (almost) always happy that I got out of bed to do it. I am usually proud of myself when I am done. Sometimes I am happy that I am not a natural athlete. This does not usually come during the workouts but after. Yesterday, for example, I really struggled in my Crossfit class, I came so close to asking my coach if I could do a lower number of reps than everyone else because I was not sure I was physically able to complete the workout. I had to hold onto the wall for stability¬†during my lunges and I looked around and no one else had to do that. I had to modify the toe to bars down to a sit up, again no one else had to do that. I was really getting into my own head. I was beating myself down during the workout, yet somehow I managed to push through that (non-scale victory) and I finished the workout. I did the same number of reps that everyone else did. I know the other people in the class have worked really hard to get to their fitness levels, but this was a huge win for me. Staying consistent is what I have to remind myself daily. I may never be a natural athlete but I am an athlete. I don’t know that I will ever be someone that uses words like “easy miles”¬† or “easy workout” however I will be someone out there doing the miles and the workouts.