Shit Show Starts Now

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A little over a month ago I wrote about how scared I am to train. I am physically weak (not putting myself down; just truth). I am however mentally strong. I also come up with some batshit crazy ideas sometimes. I am also usually good at finding a friend to join me. I like to call this the “Here hold my beer” challenge. A few weeks ago I sent my friend Lisa a text asking if she wanted to go back to Crossfit with me. She said, “That sounds like a HORRIBLE idea, let’s do it”. So tomorrow morning we will be at the gym at 6 am together. I am sharing this for accountability. We are committing for 5 weeks. This is 10 classes. This terrifies the shit out of me. There is no other way to put it. I know that the people at the gym will welcome us with open arms; however, my insecurities are very real to me. I am working to make 2018 a year that I make my impossible possible (more to come on that later). I know this is going to be tougher than last time because this time I can not quit. I need this for me and for no one else.  This is why I invited Lisa on this crazy ride with me. She is that friend that jumps in with both feet. Those feet may be kicking and screaming obscenities but they hit the ground.  The positive here is I have a friend who will say all the bad words with me. I am terrified of failing but I am going to try not to. I am terrified of getting hurt again, but I am not going to let my fear run my life. This shit show starts now. Please feel free to watch and/or join in at any time.

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me, Leona?! This is your worst idea yet! Let’s do it!💪🏼 #ShitShowStartsNow #HoldMyBeer

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