Gym Bullies are Real

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I have missed Crossfit and the way I feel after a Crossfit class. I did all sorts of research looking for a Crossfit gym that fit within my monthly budget, appeared to be all levels and welcoming to new members/ people. I chose a gym, registered and paid for a class. I was so excited to lift things again. I arrived to class about 15 minutes early. I was already terrified because I hate trying new gym classes, it is intimidating. Today I was placed in the most nightmarish situation I could have imagined. I grabbed a trigger point ball to work on a knot in my shoulder and said hi a girl in the class who immediately started talking to someone else. I did not think to much of it until the class started and I was obviously the only person who did not know everyone else. I should mention there were less than 10 people in the class and 2 coaches. The coaches made no attempt to introduce me to anyone else, and no one care to say hello. The class started and every time I would ask a question (even where the wall balls were kept) the coaches seem irritated with me. At one point one of the coaches looked at me and said “I thought you have done Crossfit before” when I asked about a particular movement. I was so embarrassed and just felt awful. I completed the workout and got out of the gym as fast as I could. I was heartbroken. This morning I missed my box and my 6am class more than I have since my move. This was the kind of class every person fears, the kind that you don’t really think exists anywhere except in the darkness of your imagination. I have been thinking about this class all day. I have been really upset about it a few times, I mean who treats others that way, it is NOT okay. I have heard of gym bullies but have never encountered them before today. There was a point in my fitness life, that this would have broken me to the point where I would not go back to a gym for months. I would have been so scared to go anywhere near a weight or run. This would have beaten me. Today is not that day though. Today I sent an email to the owner of the gym letting him know what happened. More importantly than that I started my research for a new box all over again. I am an athlete and though I may need help and guidance sometimes I am not going to let a group of mean girls keep me from meeting my goals. I will find workouts online to complete in the gym until I find the box that I am supposed to be involved in. I will also add more running, and rowing into my workout routines. I am finding my groove again and getting back to a workout schedule. I am glad I dodged a bullet by not really joining this group of people. Today the bullies did not win.

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  1. Tell them to kiss your ass, refund your money and work on a new all inclusive mission statement. You rock, my sweet friend Leona! Keep at girl! Find a place that deserves YOU!!!

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