The Athena Athlete: I am a Goddess of Kickass

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My name is Leona and I have created this website / blog after a long time of thinking about it. I have a story to tell and a  journey I am inviting to go on with me. I will be blogging about my training, my eating, my life and my adventures. I will be writing about the really great workouts and the really crappy ones and lessons I learn the hard way along the way. I will be writing about new and upcoming adventures I am going on. I will never learn the easy way, that is just not who I am. I will be training for at least one and maybe 2-3 half marathons in 2018 and more triathlons in 2018. I have some goals and dreams that I plan to see come true for myself. I am going to work hard to make these dreams and goals a reality. I will use this as a site of accountability for myself. I invite you on this journey with me, I am an Athena Athlete and I am a Goddess of Kickass.