Don’t call it a comeback

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Running is hard.

Working out is hard.

Consistency is hard.

Life is hard.

Balance is hard.

Sometimes you can only handle so much hard in your world and you know what that is OKAY! There is a season where working out and running are the hard things in my world that I can focus on. Then there are seasons of life where life and living is the hard that needs the focus. It is really great when the stars align and I can do all of the above and that is great. I think I forget …No, I know I forget sometimes that I do not have to be so hard on myself when I can not do it all. I naturally want to be good at everything I do. I give 110% in my life. I feel the need to do everything perfectly and I just can not keep doing that. So yes, I am running again. Yes,I am working out consistently again. But, no I am not having a comeback. I am simply shifting seasons again and I am ready for the challenges and excitement that is on the way.