My Life in NYC… Four Months Later

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It has been a while since I have posted about my life in NYC.  I am happy here. That is the most important thing. Yes, sometimes I get lonely and homesick but I am happy. I am still living in various Airbnb locations. So far I have lived in Manhattan (Harlem), Staten Island, and Queens. I have continued dog/house sitting here through Rover. I am slowly making friends and finding my “people” this is not happening as fast as I wish it did but I know that I have not been as proactive in meeting people as I could be. I have found and joined a church that I love.  The Journey Church has become my home church. I have started serving in the church and joined a small group. It has been harder here than I expected it to be. I am still not in a permanent job, however, they have discussed making me permanent as I have been there for 3 and a half months. I am ready to start the search for an actual place of my own and ready to settle down somewhere. There are a few options that may be opening up for a roommate situation. I am currently living in the moment and enjoying the fact that I live in NYC. I still expect to wake up at any moment to see I was dreaming. I am living the life I have always wanted. Slowly and one day at a time I am making my dreams come true.



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