Believing in MYSELF

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Why is it hard to believe in yourself, and yet so easy to believe in others? This is the question of the hour. This week I have really struggled through my workouts, but have been getting them done. My coach has had me on the devil incarnate machine known as the elliptical and the rower. I have done the workouts but man I have struggled. I spent every second of every minute telling myself I could not do this. I could not get out of my own head. I have spent the daytime dreading going to the gym because I did not think I could actually do it. I left the gym either in tears or in near tears frustrated with the fact that I did nothing but put myself down while I was working out.

I love to cheer for people, and I am always the first to let someone know how proud of them I am. I know that people come to me to cheer them up after a bad workout, run, or just a bad day. I somewhat pride myself on being able to find a positive note in just about any bad situation. I find it easy and it gives me so much joy to make someone else smile in a bad situation. I am able to do this for everyone else, why can’t I seem to do this for myself. I really wish that believing in myself was as easy as it is to believe in others. I have some goals for myself that I have mentioned in other posts, some I have only told one or two people about; and then there are goals and dreams that I have never mentioned to anyone. I know I have the ability, strength, and talent to make every goal and dream come true. However, when I go to actually implement a plan of action I believe every lie that I can possibly tell myself about how I am not able to do anything. It is stupid, it is frustrating as hell, and it is real.


So here is my question for you, what do you do or have you done to make yourself believe in you?