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This sentence is so much easier to say than it is to believe. I think this statement rings even more true for people who may not have been athletic in their child/teen or college years. I have been running and working out for a number of years but it was not until a few years ago that I started to recognized that I am an athlete, it was even longer before I could get myself to say it out loud. I could say it about others who were also new to the fitness world but to believe it about myself that was asking a bit much. I have learned how to believe I am an athlete and I will never again not call myself one. I was recently contacted by Iris to write a letter to my body for a video that they were producing. The video really made me think about how hard it is to believe in myself and my athletic abilities, however as I stated in the video I will never again doubt that I am an athlete. I once heard a friend / coach say that “We are all athletes, it is just some of us are training and others are not” I truly believe that every person, no matter size or background has a the ability to reach their athletic goals no matter what stage of life. I hope you believe that you are an Athlete!