Running a Mile

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I have recently re-evaluated my goals for myself. I still want to do more races and even do another half marathon, however I want to start small. It has been a long time since I have run a mile non-stop with no walk breaks. This used to be something I was able to do (not easily but I could do it). I spoke (via text) with my coach and he agrees with my new goals. I want to run a mile with no walk breaks and then I also want to run/ walk a 5K in under 50 minutes. These are both goals that are very doable and yet very difficult as well. They will force me to work hard and push myself past my limits. I will need to work harder to believe in myself and to not give up when it gets hard. I know that this will be harder than the past well because I don’t have my coach on his bike next to me pushing me along and I don’t have my running buddies to push me in a race to the finish line. I know I can do this. I am strong and ready for this next challenge.


PS. I also made sure to let my coach know that my 3rd goal was to not die…. LOL



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