Race Lotteries Suck

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So I did something a few months ago that I have never done before. I entered a lottery for a race.  The NY Half Marathon. I know I am not someone who typically wins stuff, and I especially do not win lotteries. I was excited about this.I was confident that somehow even though I am not someone who really wins lotteries, I would get into this race. This was going to be the race that got me running again. I did not just put all my eggs in this basket, but I placed the whole chicken in there. I just knew I was going to get into the NY Half Marathon. On the day of the lottery, I checked my email and credit card statement so often my phone battery died. I just wanted the confirmation charge/email that I go in. I watched others on social media and even a few friends get their acceptance emails, however, I waited and waited for mine. That night I went to bed knowing that I was going to get the last email that was going to be sent. This also did not happen.  I woke up with to the email that said I did not get into the race. I was heartbroken about this. I just knew this was going to be the race that made me feel like a runner again. I knew that running this race was going to be the race that welcomed me as an NY resident. I was wrong. I was very very wrong. I can not emphasize how much disappointment I felt over this. I have not quite gotten over it…. do not fear though I will. I am just not ready to yet. I am not sure what race will be next or when it will be. So there is that. I do not currently want to run or train because I did not get into the race I wanted to. I am throwing my own little pity party and temper tantrum. I will do this for another few days and then I will come back and get my shit together. I will run this race someday just not in 2018 and it will not be my first race as an NYC resident.

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