Planning My Next Race

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I had big plans for 2018 which consisted of running the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World then going out to Disneyland and running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and completing the coveted Coast to Coast challenge. This dream came to a shrieking halt last week when RunDisney announced that they were not going to be hosting any races at Disneyland in 2018 and was not sure when they would resume due to mass construction at Disneyland. They did, however, offer a refund for anyone already signed up for Princess with plans to complete Coast to Coast. I decided that I was not going to run Princess until I am able to bring home a Coast to Coast medal that year. That series is a bucket list of mine so I want to wait. I went ahead and got the refund from RunDisney and now I have to decide what race I want to do next. This is not easy as I have several big changes coming up soon.  I also need to take into consideration that I am not a fast runner and I have to always think about course cut off times for my races. I am thinking about something in March or April that will give me time to not only train harder but to also gain some (relative) speed. I am not sure what is next in my race plans, but I know big adventures await.



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